Cerebral Fit Testimonials

Testimonial from husband who, prior to starting with CerebralFit, was contemplating moving his wife to a care home, now they go out on dates together.

Interesting things happening, in point form

- [wife] drove home from Battleford Saturday, all the way ( I slept) no problem we got to Lloydminster and she asked if we should go by the petting zoo or the Upgrader, both ways are perfectly good, (good question because of ice roads) I said the Upgrader would have better roads so that’s the way we went, she drove right to the house with no questions or issues.

At the hockey games we went to she said why don’t you go with the guys she stayed with the girls and visited, that’s a first in a long time that she said go.

Happened a couple of days in a row!

She got up at 5:30 the other morning to go with a friend to Edmonton to get her hair done, I was going to wake her at 6:15, didn’t have to.

Been feeling good, for a while now, sleeping all night, she was waking up there around Christmas and a bit tense but I think most of that was stress over Christmas. Seems to be settling down now plus we are back on track with our treatments again.

Would the Laser treatments make that much difference that fast?

Boosting the time and the HZ plus the bars would that start to show some positive results already?

I still have to help with quite a few things but I sure can’t complain.

[daughter] even said she and [son-in-law] think there is some good things happening.

I have a few guys that I coffee with always asking and wondering how it’s going, one mentioned he was worried about himself and is thinking he should try it.

Who knows.

We are getting close to the year, one month away , February 25th. Thank you.

Older man with aphasia

Good afternoon.
I just wanted to touch base with you about Gerry and the progress.
We have been at 30 minutes twice a day for 2 weeks now and have no
issues to report.
Overall we (as well as staff and other visitors) have noticed quite a few
- sleeps better and more peacefully
- little to no agitation
- sundowning has decreased dramatically in frequency
- he is more alert and aware of his surroundings
- much more responsive to verbal cues
- has been able to play some simple games - coloring matching, choosing
the object
- able to follow conversations and joins in
- laughing and happy and all around more content
- we have been able to go for drives a few times now
Things seem to be going very well and we are happy with his progress.

Husband about Mouthguard:

My wife suggested I use this mouthguard thing so to keep her happy I started using it a few times a week. I found it comforting and started to use it regularly. After a few weeks I was into see my dentist and his reaction is what really sold me on using the mouthguard. He asked me what I had been doing because there was nothing for him to work on. My usual gum issues were resolved, no cavities for him to chastise me about, they did a routine cleaning and sent me on my way. In the past I’ve always needed some dental work, this was the first time no work was needed. I’ve not told my wife but she was right, now she has me using the Red Light panels for my shoulder, we’ll see what happens.

Wife about Panel set

My husband and I have been married for 23 years, he never comments on how I look. I had been using the Red Light panels for facials for a few weeks when one night over dinner he looked at me and said, ‘you look great, what have you been doing’. I thought they were having an effect on my skin but after that I knew it must be major if my husband noticed!